The benefit of tumor molecular profiling on predicting treatments for colorectal adenocarcinomas


We evaluated the benefit of tailoring treatments for a colorectal adenocarcinoma cancer cohort according to tumor molecular profiles, by analyzing data collected on patient responses to treatments that were guided by a tumor profiling technology from Caris Life Sciences. DNA sequencing and immunohistochemistry were the main tests that predictions were based upon, but also fragment analysis, and in situ hybridization. The status of the IHC biomarker for the thymidylate synthase receptor was a good indicator for future survival. Data collected for the clinical treatments of 95 colorectal adenocarcinoma patients was retrospectively divided into two groups: the first group was given drugs that always matched recommended treatments as suggested by the tumor molecular profiling service; the second group received at least one drug after profiling that was predicted to lack benefit. In the matched treatment group, 19% of patients were deceased at the end of monitoring compared to 49% in the unmatched group, indicating a benefit in mortality by tumor molecular profiling colorectal adenocarcinoma patients.

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