Complex Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

A complex hernia occurs when the belly (abdomen) wall and muscles are split apart. This may occur on the site of previous surgery; sometimes this can also happen when a hernia grows in a
disproportionate volume and size. For many complex reasons, this can leave a gap in the tummy where the contents of the abdominal cavity protrude. Complex hernias are much more intricate than simple groin or abdominal wall hernias.
When a surgeon performs a complex abdominal wall operation, meant to repair the gap of the hernia successfully and to close the abdominal wall. This needs the use of strong permanent internal stitches, and an artificial permanent (or semi-permanent) patch of synthetic or biologic material (mesh). The use of mesh in complex abdominal wall reconstructions has reduced dramatically the
number of hernias recurrence.
Mr Leo has a vast experience in complex abdominal wall reconstructions and he has worked together with expert colleagues across Europe and the UK. He has attended and he has been actively
participating in many international webinars and workshops. Mr Leo usually discusses the most complex cases at hernia MDT meeting where he can get a multidisciplinary input providing the best and the safest approach for the patient.

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